Change Deconz State

Hi there,

I am using Deconz for my motion sensors to turn on/off the light.

My problem is that when I am moving fast between the rooms the msg.paypload.presence of some motion sensors is still "true" although I left the room a couple of seconds ago.

This behavior is not bad at all because it "slows down" the presence detection and prevents the lights to turn off to fast.

When I am moving between the rooms I am searching for a method to set a deconz sensor to false (override the current status of the sensor).

For short: I am moving from the living room to the corridor to the kitchen. When I arrive in the kitchen I want to set the msg.payload.presence of the corridor to false so that it can be immediately set back to true when I am back in the corridor.

Can anybody help here?

Thank you

Greets from Germany

Nobody an idea?

The difficulty for ideas maybe that no one knows anything about your sensors, you may need to add model and type, and when they sense presence how long do they take to reset after. Also What payloads are sent by the sensors when tripped and untripped.
If it is possible to reset a sensor in your Deconz variables, this still may not mean the actual sensor has reset by the time you walk back in (if very quickly). Meaning you still may get times when you have reset your Deconz variable, yet the sensor is still in tripped condition.

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