Change default indent from 4 to 2 spaces in function nodes

I have been moving all my coding from 4 to 2 spaces on indents to save room on larger nests. Is it possible to change this in Node Red? Either by hacking or by setting doesn't matter as I can just reset as versions change.

It appears that there isn't much appetite in the forum for making these changes to the node-RED core.
I assume that the alternative is simply to double-space the indent

Personally I would much rather have and indent of just two, but it is not a high priority so whether it is worth making an option for it would depend on whether it was five minutes work or five hours.

Actually I would like that as well. I always use 2 spaces instead of 4 (or a tab) because I like the compactness of it.

Keep in mind though that 'larger nest' are often a sign of smelly code :slightly_smiling_face:. But I suppose that if you do have large chunks of code in function blocks you could also just include them as external JavaScript files and then edit them in any editor you like.

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