Change default render of UI nodes?

This maybe a loaded question, no pun intended, but I would like to have the default scheme for dashboard UI controls to not be white text on teal background, but to say black text on red background? Yes I can configure and send msg parts to change the color/background color, but this is at times slow, on complex panels that you see of default colors flicker before the initial message occurs. Would maybe a CSS file allow such? I am talking about doing this across entire tabs, and groups on tabs, etc.

If I change the 'widget' colors under a custom theme is that going to be consistent across the default set of UI controls?

I might be wrong in understanding your question, but isn't this what this is supposed to achieve?

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My initial question yes, the follow up, was if the UI controls all honor the theme, which given the quick check I did, for what I typically use, it does.

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