Change payloadmeasureunit

I try to verify the temperature of hotwater. If below 60 degrees the power controller should be adjusted to 90%. in my node the output is always 90 degrees and so the 0-10V KNX device will not understand it.
I use the cange node to set the value to 90:

How can i change the units and/or DPT?

regards Erwin

Does the value need to be a number? Currently it looks like the 90 is a string. Look at the change node.

it should be a percentage (0...100%) - KNX DPT 5.0001

Without seeing your flow and the msg you are processing it’s hard to give you advice. Please export your flow and attach it to a reply and add a debug node ( set to display the complete msg object) to the output of the switch node and show me what it is.

I tried another way to find a solution;

The temperature is checked if <55 degrees and then set true. Depending on the azimuth of the sun the contactor will be activated.
The difference between PV power and used power controlls the amount (0-10V) of the power controller. If the difference ist greater than the power of the heating it ist limited to 90%, if it is less than 1 kW it ist fixed to 20%, and between adjusted linear.

for information the flow:
power controll by temp.json (18.5 KB)

if you find ways to optimize and improve the flow please let me now.

regards Erwin

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