Change the display of node property

As I know, the sidebar is displaying node property. How can I change the appearance of the node property here without editing the default property node? For example

RED.nodes.registerType ("node-test", {
     colorSvg: "url (# node-test)",
       "linear-gradient (to bottom, rgb (249,228,207) 0%, rgb (249,150.57) 100%)",
     defaults: {
       id: {
         value: "",
       name: {
         value: "",
         required: true,

When displayed at the property, it will display "Node + {name}", not only the name.


Thank you very much!

The name is expected to be something the use can set as they wish. The label is then calculated for display and can be what you wish, but then may be overridden by the name.

I still don't understand, can you have an example?

A node cannot change how the Information Sidebar displays it's properties.

That would require changing the editor source code directly.

I've seen the sidebar's source code, it seems difficult to change it. Thank you for your answer!

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