Change the X and Y axis labels in Chart

Hello, I am new to node red, I created a csv node to read csv file, then to a function, which extract two columns, like this

var output = [];
var g_total_time = [];
var g_energy= [];

for(let i=0; i<data.length; i++)
    var t_energy = { "x":data[i]["Total_Time"] , "y":data[i]["Energy"] };
    g_energy.push(t_energy );

output = [

msg.payload = [
        "data": output,
return msg;

And, I pass the msg to a chart in dashboard panel(Line Chart)....

Here, I used two columns in csv file for ploting chart, Total_Time - total time taken for the work in minutes(like- 20.03), and Energy level(like-20001).

In Default, the x-axis is shown as time axis in the chart node, how to change the x-axis, so that, I can plot total_time in minutes


Try this configuration for x-axis label


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