Change X-axis Label in chart

Hello guys!

I want to change the X-axis label in the chart for a custom value.


in this image, we can see that i already have the hour to replace X-axis.

My question here is.

How can i replace the X-axis for a hour that i have?


Set X-axis label to "Automatic"

And feed data form as mention here
Best of luck!


I am not sure exactly what you mean. Are you giving the chart a full set of data in one go or are you giving it data one sample at a time in real time?

ohhh ok, but i want that X-Axis has a customizable hour, How can i do that?

i try to mean this:

I have a weather station, that weather station send data to node red. But in this data, the station have a value called "Hour" that is whats shown in my first image, so, i want to set that value in the X-Axis.


Please get it working correctly first, then we can look at whether it needs adjusting.

Is already work!

That was working long time ago, now i can look that

Ok, now explain in detail exactly what you want to see there, draw a sketch or manipulate that image so we understand.

Ok, Look at this:
1- My weather station is reporting the data via JSON, how i can show in the next image:

2- How we can see, the value called "Timestamp" show the hour when data was extracted, for example, The temperature.

3- Ok, considering this data, what i want is that in the X-Axis of the chart:

I want to see the value "Timestamp" in the X-Axis


Do you mean in the first image you previously posted, instead of seeing 4:00:00 pm you want to see Nov 19. 4pm? If so then that is not determined by node red, it is up to the settings in the browser and the system locale settings how it displays timestamps.

Nooooo, im searching this


And this value, Drawing this way (The next image that im going to up is how i want to see the chart)

How you can see, the X-axis is according to the timestamp value, i want something like this.

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