Change underlying library of node-red-node-pi-gpiod


Hi folks,

i'm thinking about to change the underlying library of node-red-node-pi-gpiod nodes as i have some concerns about the currently used js-pigpio.

As i was doing my frequency set feature i struggled with the js-pigpio library as there're some minor issue with the library.

For example i found some issues regarding the used locking mechanism which leads to a crash ob the node.
Also some functions are without callbacks which i think doesn't make sense.

As seen by the linked issue i already contacted the maintainer of the library already and nothing happened for almost a year now.

So i searched for an alternative and found the pigpio-client library.

I think this is a good replacement as this lib seems to be better maintained and do not use a locking mechanism at all.

What do you think about replacing the library?

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Do you think you could make it syntax compatible with the existing ? IE so it wouldn't break existing users ? If so then I don't see a problem.



After first view over pigpio-client the changes should be doable without breaking the user interface/settings.
So i will start with the changes.
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