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the docker images in the node red docker hub has a command built in that starts the node red with the user dir of /data . I would like to change that to make it /home what is the best way to achieve this? Can i somehow avoid making my own copy of the docker image so that i wont have trouble upgrading to newer ones,

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Why would you want that? I'm curious.

thanks for your interest. I am using microsoft azure platform and web app for containers service.

It automatically persists /home folder for docker containers and nothing else. I would like to utilize this feature specifically.

the project is hosted here - - you can use the docker-custom to build your own image if you like.

I would probably make that /home/nrdata or some such rather than pushing everything into the root home folder.

I'm no Docker expert by any means but I think that you would need to build your own docker image to get this to work?

Thank you all, i ended up using @dceejay s answer to build my own custom image and uploading to docker hub.

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