How to change Flow.Json and Settings.js file in my Docker Image of Node Red In Docker


Can anyone please guide me about the following:

I have my node red project in which i had made some customization in flow.json,settings.js and deploy.js files.
Now i want to install this project to docker with my customization.
I am new to Docker as well that's why i followed below link :

Can u please guide me that how can i replace the existing flow.json ,setting.js and deploy.js with my customize files.


You should mount your files to an external data volume - see - section "Using a Host Directory for Persistence (Bind Mount)" when starting docker - this is used as the user directory.

My Node Red project is located in following directory :

Now i want to create the imge of this project and want to run that in a container.

How should i do that?

Can u please help me out ?
@dceejay @knolleary

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