Changing _msgid

I was looking at this old question (here) and have a related question.

If I want to create new msgids on messages, can I do that?

For instance, if I get an array of devices and want to start up a process for each of those devices, I don't think I want each of the messages to have the same _msgid.

I can iterate through the list of devices and create a new message for each of them inside a function node.
But how can i change the _msgid?

I tried a few things and so far the _msgid remains stubbornly the same.


Why not just use a msg.device property?

It's possible/likely that I don't understand the significance of the _msgid.

Each message would have its own unique payload, related to the device (a uuid).

I just don't want the messages getting mixed up anywhere down the line, so it seemed sensible to have unique _msgid. The messages would flow down into logic flows where the data for each device would be gotten from a db and calculations done, with optional flows based on the logic.

That's more or less why I thought that unique _msgid would be a good idea.

I hope that makes sense!


If you assign the uuid to msg.uuid for example you preserve the uniqueness of each message and process them accordingly. This is exactly the same as having unique _msgid.

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If you use a split node to split your array you will get a discrete message for each array element.

I don't actually know because I've never cared to check but presumably each message has it's own unique msgid?

That sounds good.

So with this, and where each device name is a uuid

// Input message:
// msg.payload = ["device1", "device2", "device17", "device10", "device2223"]

// Extract the array of chains from the message payload
var devices = msg.payload;

// Iterate over each chain and send a new message for each
for (var i = 0; i < devices.length; i++) {
  var device = devices[i];

  // Create a new message object
  var newMsg = {
    payload: device

  // Send the new message to the next node

I don't have to worry that the messages get mixed up?
Or should I add something like this?

 var newMsg = {
    payload: device
    uuid: device

or just leave out the payload entirely and have

 var newMsg = {
    deviceId: device

Again, thanks!


Yes. That works.

Each new message gets a unique _msgid.

The split node also adds a section called I'm not sure what that's for.

Thanks very much!


It is to help the join node re-assemble the stream of split messages back into an array.

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Ah! That makes perfect sense. Thanks. Could be very useful later on, actually!


If your main programming knowledge is procedural code, every Node-red problem looks like a function problem.

I know it doesn't roll off the tongue like if you have a hammer every problem is a nail but no less wise. :crazy_face:

I tend not to worry too much about the programming paradigm....though I tend not to like Object Oriented unless the objects represent something clearly actually physical, or at least elements in a UI. Otherwise? Not so much.

In any case, thanks for the pointer!

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