Question regarding _msgid

Never noticed this before but would like to know whether it is the intended output.

When I use send in my node, if I send multiple messages as in send([{payload:1},{payload:2},{payload:3}] - All of the sent messages have the same _msgid.

Not necessarily a problem but worth understanding if this is the intention.

Thanks, J.

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Yes, that is the intent. Any message sent that doesn't have its own msgid will inherit the id of the message that triggered it.

That allows the messages to be traced through the flow.


Sorry, I should have explained better. This is in a new node for uibuilder that does caching. As such, I remove the _msgid when storing in the cache. So in fact, the send function is putting a new _msgid on all messages and it is the same id.

That's OK though, the concept is clearly the same and as long as I know, that's fine.


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