What is the function of "_msgid"?

If the same rule is triggered multiple times in a short period of time, can "_msgid" be used to distinguish different events?


I don't think because the id will be different with each new injection message

May I ask, what is the function of "_msgid"?

Honestly I don't know anymore, it's supposed to identify the passage of a message between nodes or something like that

i see, thanks

Sorry I don't have the answer, I see that @Steve-Mcl is there, let's ask him

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Nick or Dave would likely have been involved in the introduction of that feature (I was not) but I believe it was added for message tracing purposes.


correct - it is added to any msg that does not have one... it is there for tracing purposes. If you turn on tracing in the settings.js then the log file would have loads of extra info in it. In theory someone could write a tool to inspect the logs and create timing diagrams and path diagrams to get a different view of messages flowing. if you delete it - a new one will get added automatically.


Thank you for pointing the way ::

I see, thanks~ Your guidance has greatly benefited me

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