Changing system date, time and timezone from dashboard?

I have searched here and can't find an answer.

Is it possible to control and overwrite/set system parameters such as date, time and time zone from the dashboard? Running Node-Red on a Raspberry Pi.

The implementation wont be connected in anyway to the internet so I can't easily pick up time and date from there. And its not practical to command line in to set these things.

I downloaded the moment node and it doesn't appear to have that functionality (maybe I missed how to use it??). I have tried playing around with the setMonth() setDate() but that doesn't appear to work.

Hoping someone here can point me in the correct direction of if this is even possible.

Hi - by system time I think you mean of the overall system (ie outside of Node-RED). For that you usually use the command line date - called from an exec node . But that will require having root privileges - so you will need to add access for your user to date. - eg see