Chart after refreshing the page becomes disrupted

Hello everyone,
I have an issue with fairly simple task in NodeRed. For now I am trying to generate random data and display them on a chart.

Everything works fine but after I reload the page the chart collapses and becomes disrupted:

This is flow I am using:
flows.json (1.6 KB)

I have already looked into the issue here but the problem was with Raspberry PI Zero and it not able to connect to the NTP. Which shouldn't be a problem for me because I have an ethernet connection and when refreshing the page the device doesn't shut down.

Thank you all in advance! :slight_smile:

Please see this post for how to post your flow so that it is easy for use to copy/import it - How to share code or flow json

Also tell us which version of node-red, node-red-dashboard and nodejs you are using. You can get the node versions from Manage Palette, and the command node -v will tell us the node version. Also what browser/OS are you using?

How can I change the colors of the chart?

Doubleclick chart-node, then you can choose colors from a color-picker.

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