Charts are empty after update dashboard 2.26

After updating NR dashboard to 2.26 yesterday all my charts are empty, any idea why that is?
The charts are still fed with the same data as the day before yesterday, but there's nothing visible.

Any idea what happened ?

First clear the cache in your browser, which I expect will fix it.
If that doesn't fix it then show us what you see in a debug window with the data going to one of the charts.
Also stop node-red in a terminal and start it again and post the resulting output here please.

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Thanks for the quick reply.
Cleared the browser cache doesn't help
Other browser doesn't help.
Restarted node red node-red-restart in the terminal, doesn't help.

This is the debug output that's going in my chart node, as mentioned before this was working fine for a couple of years.

NR log shows something interesting, bad data inject;

> 24 Dec 16:43:27 - [info] Stopping modified nodes
> 24 Dec 16:43:27 - [info] Stopped modified nodes
> 24 Dec 16:43:27 - [info] Starting modified nodes
> 24 Dec 16:43:27 - [info] Started modified nodes
> 24 Dec 16:43:37 - [warn] [ui_chart:75cfab32.cde454] Bad data inject

Apparently the data is not correct and/or not compatible with the previous versions of the dashboard.
I will have to take a look at it.

As you say, the data is incorrect. See for what it should look like. It isn't the upgrade to the charts that has changed it, but something else that has been changed.

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