Chart compressed

I am new in node-RED, and I have created a dashboard with a chart.
My flow is receiveng a lot of datas. While the datas are being received, the chart is being represented completely as you can see in this picture:

But after finishing receiving data, the graph is compressed to the left, leaving almost all the graph empty.
I have tried to change the time in X-axis but it is the same: At right appears the last XX seconds and the rest of the graphic is empty, as you can see in this other picture:
This is the programming of the chart node:

Any idea about to solve this problem and to see the graphic in the complete X axis?

I guess, you could have at least one data point with a date & time that is far in the future

Try to investigate your data points at the end

Depends rather on the data but perhaps consider changing the timespan on the x-axis to a number of points and then ensure that empty data isn't sent to the chart?

If that doesn't work, you may need to consider moving to a better charting tool. For example, a lot of us use InfluxDB along with Grafana which is able to very easily create very complex charts.

I use Highcharts, it's also very good, handling larger amount of data points, fast in updating, good zooming features etc etc

I have seen that there are not extrange datas . I only represent in the chart a value. The time used for X is the local time, when the datas are arriving. I have played also with number of points and the result is the same.
I store the received datas in a CSV file but I store also a received time in Linux format and when I represent the contents of the csv in the chart, everything is ok (I couldn't represent the chart when the datas are arriving using the arrival time. I would like to do but It didn't work, I don't know why).
I will try to use another type of chart.

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