Chart Legend Refresh


The Legend in a Line Chart retains labels for data no longer being streamed (in my flows under v0.20.5). Is this by design or am I ignorant of some refresh capability? I had six feeds into a single chart but now I have only three. Yet the labels for the three that were dropped still appear. I've trimmed the time axis but had no success (three unneeded labels take up precious real estate on the dashboard).


not that I'm aware of - once there they are held just in case they return later.

Thanks for the quick feedback.

I'll create new line charts and then delete the old ones. (I had eight topics previously as I incrementally tweaked the chart; now I need only three - one was an accidental feed from a motion sensor; presumably I was sleepy when I did that!).


Restarting the server would clear everything from memory


Sorry I couldn't get back to you in time (unplanned offline). I did precisely what you have suggested before posting the question because that was the natural solution in my mind but it didn't work. I switched off the legend in the interim just to view the charts with greater clarity.

I've changed the time period to 24 hours and rebooted again. Allow me let the server run for another 24 hours and then I will turn on the legend again and report back to you.

King regards.

Thanks again for your suggestion that works now!

I let the system run for more than 24 hours after reducing the time window to one day, rebooted, turned on the legend and without further rebooting only the active data series were tracked in the legend.

I must have done something wrong previously when I started this thread.

Kind regards.