Chart update speed for real time electronic signals/ communication engineering related

Hello everyone:

I am using Node-red for my bachelor thesis. I have a MQTT service linked to my flow which transfers electronic signal samples recieved from a small antenna to my PC and through MQTT to Node-Red.While Using a for loop to transfer the signal digital samples from the array in my code through Mosquitto Broker library to Node-Red.
I am able to receive the message samples with no problem in my debug node, however, my laptop freezes when I try to depict those samples using a chart, and the chart updates very slowly.
Is Node-Red suitable for this kind of projects? I might need to send more than 10k samples in the future but for now I reduced the number to 1000 for testing purposes, and still getting this error. (Anyone who works in communication would know that even 10k samples is a small number, and that one might need to send dozens of samples in real-time to analyze a real-time signal)

And if Node-Red isn't the best place to do so, anyone knows about alternatives?

Thanks for your help

This is a well-known problem with Node-RED chart. The chart uses and old chart.js (please correct me if I am wrong) library, which is extremely slow.
Not sure if upgrading to Chart.js 3.0 or higher can solve the problem easily.

Alternatively, there is a post about using U-plot instead of the chart node to draw the signal faster:

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Or bypass Dashboard altogether if you need maximum performance. uibuilder will let you have a minimal UI (or something really grand if you prefer :grinning: ) and you can simply include one of the more performant chart libraries. Dashboard does a lot of work behind the scenes to try and make things as simple as possible for people who don't know any HTML.

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