Dashboard very slow after some hours

Hello together,

I switch from FHEM to NodeRed and love it.
I create a new Dashboard for my home in a very short time... very good.

I also show some Grafana Charts here.
If I want to connect from outside I must use a proxy so I can not connect to the Grafana iframe.
So I want to show a chart node from NodeRed with 3 lines.
And this is think makes a big problem. I have create a chart with 3 lines.
Every second I get new values and I show 6h.
After some hours of running, NodeRed is very slow...
After some deploy it is fast again, but then the chart is empty. So is think the slow NodeRed is caused by the Chart with 6h and 1s Resolution... ?

Please give me a hint for my problem :slight_smile:
Have a nice Day


So you have
1 data point per second
60 data points per minute
3600 data points per hour
21600 data points in 6 hours

Yup that is going to slow down things. Do you really need that many data points?


No, i don't need that high resolution. The Chart also did not have this high resolution or zoom to use it.
Okay... i am looking for some solution only use a point after 60s or so.. :slight_smile:
Thank you very much

You can use a Delay node set to Rate Limit at 1 message every 60 seconds and to discard intermediate messages.


And don't forget to set the max points limit in your chart nodes.

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