checking characteristic of home assistant entity

i am seeking to installation an automation to manipulate the heating in my house. the regulations i need contain a whole lot of situations, so i am triggering from a five minute timer, checking the number of people home, the outdoor temperature, time of day, and both turning the warmers off or setting the thermostats excessive or low primarily based on those.

i am having hassle with the condition to check the out of doors temperature. the temperature is available from msg.statistics.attributes.temperature on the weather.home entity. the entity has a description like "cloudy" as its payload.

if i exploit a "modern state" node, with nation place set to msg.information.attributes.temperature, override subject matter set, and a condition of < 16 then it prints "nan at 12:00" under, updating the time every time the float runs, and continually follows the false course (which turns the heating off). but a debug node after that suggests that the temperature is gift at msg.statistics.attributes.temperature as expected.

if i change to a "trigger kingdom" node, with the same settings, it really works and prints the payload beneath, however the glide stops if there has been no alternate within the climate because the last call, which i do not need, as later in the go with the flow on the authentic route, i want to check the time of day to set exclusive temperatures.

is that this a trojan horse within the contemporary country node, or is my expectation that the situation operates at the "kingdom place" incorrect for that node type?

my other situations are all running at the payload, so it's miles best this one that may be a hassle.

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