Choose the best module for Amazon Echo - Alexa

Hi mates,
since now I've used node-red-contrib-amazon-echo, the author made a good work (thanks to him a lot!) but this module has some limitations and he stopped developing it.

  1. It emulates only bulbs, and recently Alexa introduced more strict control to devices, in past I was able to say in my language "Alexa open curtains", now I can't, I should say "ALexa switch on curtains" which is unlogic and not comfortable.
  2. The second big limitation is about use 2 words for one name, I have curtains in different rooms for example, in tepast it worked niw alexa got crazy using one word for different devices (for example "Living room Curtains" and "Bedroom curtains"). Maybe this can be solved by skills?
  3. the third problem I have is to connect 2 Echos in the same IP domain and use the same device names, for example 2 Echos placed on different floors where I have "bedroom curtains", each Echo should only recognize the proper node of the same floor.

THe plus of this module is that work with absence of internet.. but I'm guessing if it is really a plus, as Alexa needs internet to recognize voice.. sounds not an advantage

Now, I see there are different modules on Node Red, may you please suggest me the best one? Should I test them all?
Thank you very much

  1. You can use routine in alexa to give more meaning full names to the emulated devices.
  2. i am not seeing this issue on my devices.
  3. You can set devices to individual Echos in Alexa app. I can say turn of lights in bedroom Echo and all lights linked to that echo will turn off. You can also use node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2 to know which device received the command

The plus of the contrib-amazon-echo is the speed of the response, as most communication is local.
Have a look at

for more device types. It's not local but does work well.

Here is link to node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-v2 (node) - Node-RED This has many useful features. Some people report some connection issues.

You will always have some limitations, due to how Amazon interpret the voice commands, you just need to find work arounds and sometimes compromise.

Thank you a loto for your precious experience!
Let me please ask you some questions:

  1. how can I write this routines? Inside the Alexa app on my phone? May you indicate me any example (also on web) to understand it better? Thanks
  2. the first and second point may be associated, I mean can I use those routines to clarify more to alexa the use of 2 names? I don't know how you don't have issues.. but I do have, maybe when the same word is used different times. (I do have "Living room Curtains" , "Bedroom curtains", and "Kitchen curtains", but I also have "Living room ventilation" and "Kitchen ventilation", also for locations.
  3. you suggested me virtual smart home and alexa remote 2, I suppose they do similar things.. and maybe remote2 is working with more features.. but it's not that reliable. DO I understand right?
    Can they work together or is better only one of them?

using routines in alexa app - Help

Using groups - How to create an Alexa Smart Device Group and why you should | Android Central

Smart home and remote2 do differnet things, Smart home creates vitual devices while remote2 allows you to interact with the echo device and send commands/querys it also allowd tts responses. Though remote2 has some issues for some people, there are work arounds. There is plenty of info on this forum if you search for the nodes names.

Thank you, so I need to have a look :slight_smile:
I'll report here my experience, if may be interesting for someone else

Hi mate, thans for your precious suggestions! Smart home works simply great and it overcomes all my problems!
About remote2v2 I can't login, using email+password returns me a debug log that I need to type a rechapta, how can I use the cookie? How to obtain one?
Do you have any suggestion? Thank you

log in using proxy, the node will then direct you to an address to open in your browser to login.

thanks, I did it,I supposed it sude a real proxy to connect.
as you know the cookie wll live forever? There is a node for init again the cookie, ever has been it necessary for you? Thank you

I turn of auto initiate and the use the init node to initiate the connection, I also monitor for errors and re-initiate on error and every 24hr., I save the payload to a flow context variable and reload the flow variable when I re-initiate the connection.

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