Cleaning up monaco models left behind

Hi Team,

I have a custom node and the following note is constantly printed on the console

Cleaning up monaco models left behind. Any node that calls createEditor() should call .destroy().

seems to be coming from red.js line 35905 (handling orphaned models)

I can confirm that my custom node calls editor.destory(). I tried to do that on both oneditsave, and oneditcancel fuctions.

delete this.editor;

It might be that the check on red.js does not correctly check for the existence , I dont know, or perhaps I am doing something wrong.
This is not an issue but just thought to report it given there is a plan to move to use monaco only.

Node-RED version: v2.1.4
Node.js  version: v13.10.1


This message is to indicate "some node" in your installation is not cleaning up after itself. It does not necessarily mean it is your node. What other nodes do you have installed?

Also, node-red 2.1.4 is getting on a bit now and might have some resolved issue in newer 2.2.2 or V3.beta.2

Yea this makes sense. Thanks for reply It might be a different node that I have installed. I have many other nodes so I suppose I will try find which one causing this issue.
It would have been great if the message indicates which node though. it would be nice to have.

I will possibly upgrade soon too.

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Also, you are probably aware, but just in case not. Odd numbered versions of Node.js should generally be avoided for normal use since they tend to be relatively unstable development versions. Most people and the Node-RED project recommend using one of the current LTS versions.

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