Cloning Node-Red installation

I have several RPI's doing different stuff around my house. I am currently building 3 separate devices to monitor my garden and I'd like for all three to be identical. I've saved the flow by exporting to clipboard and saving that as a text file on my Mac. When I build a new PI it would be great to 'clone' the install from one to the other so I don't have to load the non standard nodes individually. Is there a way to do that? If so, can those be saved, so if I need to repair after an SD card fails its an easy, fast reload. Thank you.

Even easier would be to clone the complete SD card then just make the changes necessary to each one, whatever they are. You might need to switch the first one off when you switch the second one on in order to change the IP address if you use fixed IP addresses.
It is a good idea to make image backups of the cards anyway for when the card dies.

Thank you, I've had terrible luck with cloning cards in the past which is why I'm looking at this option. I do have those type of backups as well but I'd like to do this too. Thanks again

From the Node-RED side everything you need should be in the ~/.node-red directory so copy that over... then note by default we run the flow called flows_{your machine hostname}.json and it uses flows_{your machine hostname}_creds.json to store any credentials - so they would need to be renamed on the new machines to match the new machine hostname.

Or use the settings file to set the flow filename to something fixed so you don't have to worry about getting the rename right.

You might try Clonezilla, it has worked perfectly for me every time.

Thank you all! I have what I need now.

as a side note-
I started using raspberry Pi's and node red about two years ago, I had 3 weeks of down time due to recovering from surgery. I made some lights that could be controlled by my phone and took almost all of the three weeks! Since then I have repaired several appliances around my house, made green house controls, HVAC controls, outdoor lighting, and a mole trap that works! All using Pi's and Node-Red. The support and kindness from this group has made that all possible. For me this is only a hobby and I find it very fulfilling. I would really like to thank all of you for your genuine support and for making a new person feel welcomed and valued.
Go Node-Red!

Now, how do I get this stupid nano to work with the ESP866s I just bought............