Closing a JSONata editor leaves out a IDLE thread

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Dear Sir,
As title said, a thread is left after closing a JSONata editor.

Reproduce Steps:

  1. Open JSONata editor from debug node, we can found there are 3 threads and this is OK.

2.Click Cancel button, the editor is closed successfully but there left a thread isn't deleted.

By checking @node-red/editor-client/src/js/ui/edtiors/expression.js,
line 340~line 345, testResultEditor.destroy() is missed.



Thanks for reporting. Feel free to raise a PR with a fix if you'd like.

For awareness, this is already fixed in dev when monaco commit missing editor destroy() calls #251dda3 was merged.

Hi Nick, many thanks for your reply. As Steve said, since this PR is already raised, I will skip it.

Hi Steve, I see. Many thanks for your reply.

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We should still fix it in the master branch for any future 1.x release

The Dev branch is for the 2.x release.

I see. I will raise a PR for it. many thanks.

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