Code editor view and node explorer for faster development


Please add a (or two side by side) code editor and explorer views. The details are shown in the attached image.
The process of looking inside nodes needs double clicks and remembering too much of details. If we have a code editor type view and explorer view mode, all nodes can be seen on the left and a tab or click takes you from one node to next in explorer view and right side code view is immediately visible for editing. A side by side view of code or settings inside 2 nodes very helpful too.



Are you sure you don’t just want a simple file based dev tool like VSCode or Atom etc. ?


I am developing on raspberry pi; no way I can work with the source file flows_raspberry pi.json in atom editor.


...and no way are we going to remove the wires that show the flow from node to node of a flow based editor. If you open up the side info bar and hit the show more button - it will show you the config of any node in a single click. (OK - it's not for editing but an extra click to "open a file" is not too hard - unless you pay per click :slight_smile:


There are architectural reasons why that is not possible to do - if two node edit dialogs have a property called name, they will both have an <input> element with id node-input-name. We cannot have two inputs displayed at the same time with the same id.

The fact a node can do arbitrary work whenever the edit dialog is opened means it can be an expensive operation to do - so we only do it when we're sure the user wants to edit a node (by dbl clicking it). This is why we don't show the edit dialog in the sidebar whenever you select a node.

I'm open to ideas to make the editing process more streamlined.

I do think there is an interesting concept to evolve around where you have multiple Function nodes and want to quickly switch between them whilst editing, also related to being able to have shared code between the Functions. But that is all specific to the Function nodes.