Switching between Node/Flow view to CodeView

I like Node/Flow concept of coding with visualizing your code as nodes,
but sometimes it really good to see all flow as code,
I know there is JSON (Import/Export) representation of a flow, but is would be great if it also be editable and formatter as code ( like VSCode ),

Node-RED doesn't do any sort of code generation. The runtime acts more as an interpreter of the JSON rather than converting it to JavaScript and then running it.

I like concept Visual live coding with Hot Deploy, but also be good if I could CodeView live code with hotdeploy, maybe someone knows another project with this feature ?

This most likely does not exist.

The point of FBP (flow based programming) is to hide/abstract (complex) processes behind "black boxes".
The flow file describes the nodes with their configuration parameters and their connections between each other and their visual locations.

The nodes themselves, containing the actual code, are separate from the flow.

You can edit/create the flow file itself in VS code and use the API to deploy the file.

If you want to code in JavaScript with a live reload, that is pretty trivial to do. Indeed, many frameworks already provide that capability. You can also easily code it yourself.

Any of the front-end frameworks that include a build step (Svelte is a good example), have done this for a long time using their dev servers. I even have a simple version built into uibuilder for when you edit your front-end code via the Node-RED Editor.

But it is easy enough for node.js apps as well simply by making use of a filing-system watch function.

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