Editing node red in Visual Studio Code

Dear all,
As I am reading here: Node-RED - Visual Studio Marketplace
It is possible to edit Node-red nodes inside Visual Studio code. I tried it, but I am unable to get any nodes inside Visual studio. I Enabled extensions, I entered URL, but still nothing. When I try to open it throug Alt+Ctr+X,, nothing happens.
Any idea?
Thank you in advance,

Urg! That's a bit weird :grinning: Why would you want to run a server inside your VScode editor? What benefits does it give?

Just run Node-RED manually or have it as a start script in your project's package.json file. Or run it as a service/daemon on your device ...

No no...of course...I am running Node-red seperately. But when writing more compley scripts, editor in the browser has some limitations. I understood (maybe correctly), it is possible to edit nodes inside VS Code.

Yes, you can develop node-red and node-red contrib nodes in VS Code. I do, Julian does, others do.

However, that plug in is for actually running node-red inside VSCode. And it is V0.2.0 ( from 2018-08-04 )

Just avoid it.

Do you mean edit the flow in the node-red editor OR edit a node for development purposes?

I just went into the MSFT site and gave it another 1-star review with my comments :grinning:

As Steve say's, lots of us use it for developing custom nodes.

For writing code in function nodes, you can switch Node-RED's Editor to use the Monaco code editor - that actually IS VScode - well rather VScode uses Monaco internally.


Dear all,
Thank you for your help. I did it, and you're right it is very similar to VS.

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