Open UI template HTML code in a code editor (VS code)

Hello, I want to edit my ui template code in vscode. Is this possible?

node-red node settings are not saved as individual files, but as part of a single JSON file so no, not directly but there is nothing to stop you copy :point_right: paste :point_right: edit :point_right: copy :point_right: paste.

Are you using node-red v3+? The code editor in the template node is "Monaco" - the same underlying editor as vscosde uses.

yes I am using the Node-RED version: v3.0.2. This is what my template node's code editor looks like:

If you are wanting to do custom front-end code in Node-RED, you could use uibuilder but unless you know AnguarJS, you will have to create things in a different way to Dashboard.

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