Better way to edit template node


When I edit function node text there is a button (with two arrows) that I press to open a large JavaScript editor window. I think we need the same thing for editing the UI template node text. Currently you can only see a few lines of text.


Good time to bump a bit this topic
and hope that gurus find some time to invest in between tremendous work they do


It's always nice to find out that's it's not just me. Thanks.


I'm sure that they would be happy to receive a Pull Request. :wink:


As per the other thread... "But it has to be added to the core editor of node-red first, and then dashboard updated to use it" - so two steps - one of which will include requiring Node-RED 0.20


I don't suppose this could be expanded to any ACE editor component could it? It would certainly be nice for uibuilder with the new embedded file editor.


That is indeed why it needs to be generalised in the core first... rather than each node having to re-implement,

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