Expandable code editor for ui_template node

Since version 0.19 the function node has this very useful expanded JavaScript editor feature. Is it possible to add this for ui_template node as well?

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Yup, Dave and I have discussed this and it will happen. But it has to be added to the core editor of node-red first, and then dashboard updated to use it (and updated to handle it not being there if installed in an older version of nr).

Wonderful :slight_smile:

Is the new editor based on some project that can be integrated into another system or this is a part of the NR’s core?

The underlying editor widget we use is https://github.com/ajaxorg/ace

But this discussion is more specifically about the NR UI and how a node's edit dialog can take advantage of some of things we can do with the built-in features - specifically being able to expand a text editor to take up the full screen. It is doable today and I know @TotallyInformation has figured out how to drive the editor's APIs to do it with his ui-builder node.


Thank you for the information!

Where can I read more about this? Is this related?

the expanded JS editor introduced in 0.19 could be extended to a more useful IDE

Hi, I've been on hols.

Have a look at the html file in the v2 branch of uibuilder. That uses the ACE editor component - it isn't that hard to do.