Coding help to my project tyia

Hello i'm new to node red and in need of assistance with a current project of mine. Is the first image using a debug node I was generating strings of data with what the CM and status of my sensor are and I want to save those data to a datasheet so I use a gform and get the url and put that to the httprequest node and it works but only shows the timestamps and not the cm and status I want to send, is there something wrong with the code I put in the function node??

code of my function node
var data = {}
data.Percentage = String
data.Status = String

msg.payload = data
return msg;

If that is your actual function where does the variable String come from. I expect you should really have -

const input = msg.payload.split(', ')
let data = {}

data.Percentage = input[0]
data.Status = input[1]

msg.payload = data

return msg

I do not use export to Excel so I do not know how the data should be presented but be aware that in Javascript data.percentage is NOT the same as data.Percentage