Command a VSD with Node-RED

Dear members of Node-RED community, I'm a beginner in terms of Node-RED and ModBus protocol, for this reason I can not find a solution to control a variable speed drive from Node-RED via ModBus TCP. The VSD is an Schneider Altivar Process ATV900 series, which is using a command word to start, stop, direction of rotation and speed (Hz, rpm). The communication parameters can be found at this address. Also I found this mini-tutorial.

Also I have looked for similar example implementations for controlling a VSD via ModBus TCP, using a command word, but I didn't found something useful.
I hope to find help in the community, to send few commands to the VSD (start, stop, rotation, speed), and a minimal flow example would help me a lot, but also the other members who will want to command a VSD using Node-RED.

Thank you

Were you able to make this work? I'm trying to make a similar application work (also with a Schneider Altivar drive) and don't know where to start.