Command prompt from Dashboard with command included

Hello everybody.

I am trying to open a command prompt terminal using a button from Dashboard. Also, when terminal is opening, I want to run alreday a ssh command ( ssh username@ip address).

To open the terminal I used the exec node with this command : start cmd. When I click a button, the exec node runs and my terminal opens. What I want is when terminal opens, to run automatically ssh command ( ssh username@ip address).

I was trying to make a .bat script with the followings :
start cmd
ssh username@ip address

But when I run exec node it only opens the cmd, without ssh command included.

Do you have any idea how can I do this?

Thanks in advance !

I just found the solution. Just type in exec node this command : start cmd /k ssh username@ip adrress .

I leave my post here in case anyone will be interested in the future.

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