Comment Status Log

Hi Folks,

I am wanting to create a status log for node red over MQTT where people can comment/post messages to the log. I thought this could be achieved through the form on node red however it doesnt quite achieve this.

Anyone know of a node you can install that does this? Basically acting as a status log where it records comments in the log?



Can you describe what features you are looking for?

MQTT only contains the last msg for each topic so you can't use it alone. Only as a message transport mechanism.

What does this mean? What form? Where/how?

Basically a comment section on node red ui where you can upload messages and other people using the same ui can see those messages through mqtt. Status log basically.

Yes, you can send the message then store it on the device. Therefore you could send a message such as hello and store it in a status log.

Theres a form UI on node red ui dashboard, I thought it would be attainable from this but it is not.

You can certainly take messages from MQTT and show them on the Dashboard if that is what you mean. You can also keep a list of the last N messages very easily and have them all shown on the Dashboard.

In the dim and distant past, I created some flows that showed debug outputs or the Node-RED log on Dashboard pages. They should still be on the Flows site. I don't much use Dashboard any more and would do that kind of thing using uibuilder now if I needed to.

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