Communicate with Ethernet/IP non PLC device

Hi there, I've been using Codesys to communicate with Cube 67 Ethernet/IP from Murr Elektronics, but I want to do it straight from NodeRed.

The problem is that I have no idea how to perform it. I've been trying to find any direction about it without luck.

So far, I know it uses port 44818 to make connection and port 2222 to send data.
It also connect using pccc, however, it fails since I'm not sure if I must add route (if so, which route), and the variable name.

I also tried eth-ip, which is always offline. Probably the slot.

I can also try using python or any other way to reverse it.

Hope anyone can help me.

@gfcittolin and @machadotiago , you are the ones that are behind those packages. Any tips?

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