How can i perform explicit or implicit messaging in ethernet/ip using node-red?

I am using an ethernet/ip slave device of SMC.
I have performed implicit and explicit messaging on it using MOLEX Ethernet/ip tool.
Are there any nodes in Node-Red which i can use to perform the same via Node-Red ???

I'm not an "industrial" guy - but did you try searching the flows library for eip ? Library - Node-RED

I searched the flows library but was unable to find one that uses explicit messaging.
I want to access the device by using its class, instance and attributes.

If you can not find a node that does what you want you can
1 - code one yourself (or find someone who will code one for you)
2 - find a different way to get the data - (maybe use the exec node)
3 - maybe code a program to access the data then call it via an exec node and pass NR the results

That’s all I can think of right now, others may have other ideas.

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Did you try out node-red-contrib-cip-ethernet-ip (node) - Node-RED or the newer fork node-red-contrib-cip-st-ethernet-ip (node) - Node-RED ?

Yes Steve

These nodes give me the access of PLC's memory map but not in the way i want.

I think i have to create custom nodes.

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