"Communication send error: Error: WebSocket is not open: readyState 3 (CLOSED)

when I deploy my flow on node-red of raspberry, it always get out ""Communication send error: Error: WebSocket is not open: readyState 3 (CLOSED)", but if I run the same flow on another node-red of raspberry, it doesn't get out . Does everyone help me ???

Did you install on both using the recommended install script in the node red docs (bash <(curl ...)?
Start node red in a terminal using node-red-stop then node-red-start and see what the difference is. If necessary post them here.

I had the same issue last week. It turned out my ssl certificate wasn't valid anymore. When I opened the flow editor, chrome had informed me that the certificate was invalid But I had chosen to "continue", which seemed to be working for my current session (except for the websocket which seemed to have figured out after some time that something was wrong). Could that be your problrm too perhaps?

I am not sure. image

it is the same phenomenon

==========what does this mean?

The recommended install script starts like that. See Running on Raspberry Pi : Node-RED

Yes , I installed it using the recommended script, and the other raspberry which has no "communication send error . Websocket is not open" is not

Are you using SSL?

In my flow?

There is postgres node has SSL in my flow, but not use SSL

I don't know whether it could be that. Post the startup log as I suggested, after comparing the same from the working one to see what the differences are.

I supposed that the main problem is on node-red , not the problem of flow

That's why we need to see the startup logs.

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I compared, the version of node.js and dashboard are different,
the error raspberry: node.js-->12.14.1; dashboard-->2.19.3
the normal one: node.js-->12.13.1; dashboard-->2.19.2

I found other thing:
the raspberry IP is , and the Router IP is 119.xx.xx.xx,
I try, the error will get out;
but I try 119.xx.xx.xx:1880, there is no error information.

Do you mean it is all working now?

Yes. it is all working normally.
I'm binding the router(119.xx.xx.xx:1881) to raspberry IP

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