Communication with domino printer

Hello demigods!
I'm working to send data from node-red to a domino printer.
The protocol is CodeNet and from what I understand I have to open the tcp door and send a character frame. Can you help me?
Printer: Domino Ax 150 i
Port: 7000


EPT033760-1-English-Ax-Series-Codenet-Communications-Linked.pdf (1.4 MB)

I'd suggest you start simple...

Inject --> TCP Request node --> Debug (show full mesage)

Set the Inject to send either a string (ASCII mode) or a buffer (HEX mode).

Build some example strings / buffers and see what happens.

The format of the ASCII / Buffer will be determined by the information in the manual and what you want to send.


I will follow your suggestions, but I need help to get started, I have little experience.
Is it correct to open the door?


Half correct. Steve suggested using the tcp request node ( as that has an output and will show you any replies). But yes use that port and ip

I set up as suggested, but it is not working. Do you have any other suggestions?



Now you need to send a correct message. I think it will need to be a binary buffer ( so that 1b is a byte 0x1b etc)

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Unfortunately, I was unable to separate as suggested.
Even with the correct frame in the message, will I have to queue in hex?

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