Sending Hexadecimal commands to a DX 200 controller via TCP

Hello Everyone! I am trying to send some hexa decimal commands to a DX200 controller via tcp request node and ideally it should respond with some data. Right now it is not sending anything. I have defined the ip address and port in the tcp request node. I am new to node red, please help me with your kind suggestions.

Well from the little we can see it would seem to be sort of right... but
a) do you really mean port 80 ? That is usually for web / http so why not use an http request node ?
b) have you added a debug node before the tcp node to inspect exactly what you are sending and if it is correct.
c) how have you configured the tcp node to respond ? after a timeout ? after a specific character ?

Thank you for your quick response! I have added a debug node before the tcp node and it prints buffer of 32 bytes as I defined in the function node. I have configured the tcp node after a fixed timer of 100 ms.

great - so as long as those bytes are correct and the device ip address and PORT are correct then it should work... but I still think port 80 is meant to be http...

Oh, I will check again the port but do I need to define another function or something in order to get the data from the controller or it would display in the debug window?

It should just display something (you have set it to be a buffer) so yes a buffer.

Thank you so much Sir for your help and quick responses! I will update you with the resullts.