Community Milestone for Node-RED Dashboard 2.0

Hi All, just wanted to put out a quick note to say a big thank you to @BartButenaers, @Ek1nox, @fullmetal-fred and @cgjgh - with your great efforts and initiative with your pull requests over the past few weeks.

The v1.8.0 Release of Node-RED Dashboard 2.0 is the first time where we've had more community PRs (8) than FlowFuse-employee contributions (7), and for that help, I am truly grateful.

If you'd like to contribute to Node-RED Dashboard 2.0 yourself, please do feel free to grab issues from the backlog, open pull requests, or ask questions here on how you can get involved. We do also have a Contributing Guide with more details.


Heck yeah! Thanks for the shoutout Joe! Excited for the future of this project :metal:t2:


That is not difficult for the community, if you take 2 full weeks holiday :wink:


Minor detail - still the most contributions we've had from community in any release, and most individual contributors in a single release too - reason to celebrate I say!