Conditions for context and global


are there Conditions for context and global variables that should not be broken ?

My Node Red is crashing since yesterday. I have rebuild a minimal Flow for my Purpose and Node Red is crashing again after implementing.

The only Things i was changing where TAB connectors and some coding in a function node.

So my simple Question : am i able to crash Node Red without using any orders for Node Red itself?

I dont Restart Node Red, Reset or anything else from the Flow.


You haven’t really given much information. Not knowing what you are doing/have done leaves anyone trying to help just guessing.

If this is reproducible, can you provide your flow?

when node red is running again i will post the flows.

The Thing is, i dont used new nodes and i dont builded new loops.

The funcion node that i was working on is saving(->context) a single value from an object and the topic from the payload, deleted the Message and put a new one together.

i will post the flow as soon i get my fingers on it...

Also tell us what you mean by node-red crashing? How do you know it is crashing?
Start node red in a terminal and run it till it crashes, then copy/paste the log here. Use the </> button at the top of the forum text window when pasting it in.

I am not the Admin for the Node Red Machines. I only develop flows for a local System.

The Admin and i couldnt figure out what caused the Problem. ATM i try to bring back a Minimum Flow with a Flow Export before every implementation. I think Monday i will post that Minimum Flow.
If Node Red freezes in that time, i will know wich Change causes the Problem.

In some Weeks we will use GIT, but for now thats the way.

You didn't tell us what you mean by crashing (I note that now you use the term freezing which is quite different) or how you know that it is crashing (or freezing).

Is it possible it is in a continuous loop (via mqtt or a loop in a function node for example)? That can cause node red to freeze or slow down dramatically.

I rebuild the actual flow very slow.
I will Reply here after i am done with that. May be i cant reproduce the Problem, for i am checking every node again.

You still haven't answered the questions.

I can discribe the Problem with Node Red only as "Freezing" and no reaction until Restart.
In Flow and in Dashboard.
There was no new loop implemented .

But i cant give new informations About the Problem atm, because i am rebuilding the flow step by step and that takes time. I dont want to crash or "Freeze" Node Red every 15 minutes.

If i rebuilded the flow i will bring the flow and pics, i think i have answered the Questions as good as i can atm...

OK, so freezing, not crashing. If node red had crashed you would get 'no connection' errors in the browser

I had "no Connection " Errors. But as i said i am not the one who was restarting Node Red, thats why i dont have specific Informations.

The flow is back with the same funcionality but rebuilded in other way, not like it was before. So i dont get These Problems anymore. I think i have messed something up with a variable or a message.

So case closed i think, sorry if there wasnt enough informations...

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