Configurable timeout for Trigger node

Hi, as per the following forum posts, I think it would be a really nice idea to be able to define a msg.delay (or msg.timeout?) for the Trigger node.

@knolleary rightly points out in the first of the below posts that a few UI matters would need to be ironed-out, such as assuming that if 'extend delay' option is enabled, we would extend by the value of this msg.delay received, as opposed to the original msg.delay. Also if msg.delay is not set, it would default to the value in the UI. He raises some other good points too, see post #1 below.

  1. Trigger Node: configurable delay time

  2. Set trigger node’s delay time from context value

  3. How to define trigger time value programmatically

This was added in Node-RED 1.2.

Argh, thanks for letting me know. That will teach me not to keep software up to date! Not sure how I missed this release!

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