Configuration node inside subflow packaged as module

Hi, I am developing a custom node via packaging a subflow as a module, however I am having one problem, inside this subflow I am using the set of Redis nodes and in order to properly use this nodes, a Redis config node is necessary in order to prepare the conectivity to Redis.
When this subflow is still just a subflow everything works fine, however when I package my subflow as a module and import it via "npm i", this config node is not added, even when it is present on the json file of the subflow.

The image indicates that the "server" is the id of the config node present on the json file.

So, how can I package this config node inside my subflow alongside all the other nodes?

I think you need to set the scope of the config node to the subflow to ensure it gets exported properly.

In the editor dialog for the config node, in the footer should be a drop-down select box where you can set the scope. Select your subflow from that list - at which point it will only be available to the nodes inside the subflow.

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