Configuration node not showing in node


I'm trying to build an own node using a configuration template as described here:

In my node's properties only the "name" property appears, not the remote-server setting.

Here is my package.json (part):

"node-red" : {

    "nodes": {

        "remote-server": "remote-server.js",

        "rcpulse": "rcpulse.js"



remote-server.js and remote-server.html are excactely as in documentation.
In my rcpulse.html I added:

defaults: {
            name: {value:"RC-pulse"},
            server: {value:"", type:"remote-server", required: true}

In my rcpulse.js I have:

function RCPulseNode(config) {
        this.server = RED.nodes.getNode(config.server);

In the palette settings both my own node and the remote-server node appear. What am I missing?

Kind regards

do you have added an input tag to your rcpulse.html for the config node?
something like <input type="text" id="node-input-server">

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