Configuration Node with Credentials Version Difference

I have an interesting dilemma... I have two node red servers running, one running v1.2.7 and the other running v1.1.3 (I didn't install the second). Anyway I have some configuration nodes that represent servers with API and I have a credentials property/field for the api key to keep the key from the flow json. It all works great in my local dev which is also 1.2.7.....I move it to the server with v.1.1.3 and everything works just fine....I move it to the server with 1.2.7 and it will not work. To explain what I mean, the configuration object never initializes with values form the form.

I have the two components in the html, and the credentials object on the registerType call properly and it works fine in both the other environments. So I did a hash on each file and they are all the same....any ideas of random things to check....this has baffled me all day long. Do I have to destroy all the nodes that reference that configuration node because the static flow file somehow disrupts the change (what I mean is originally I didn't do these as credential property/fields....they were just regular fields on the config node)?

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If I get it right, you move the flows.json and the flows_cred.json files over to the other runtimes?

I think the issue is with the credential secret.

Things to check in your settings.js:

  • did you uncomment the credentialSecret?
    • if not, each runtime will use a random one
  • if you already set a credentialSecret, is it the same on all machines?

In any case, if the secrets are different, the other runtimes can't decrypt your credial fields.

Is there a warning or an error message about that in the log when starting Node-RED?

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