Credentials required but no flows

A few days ago I noticed that node red was asking for credentials which was not the case when I originally set it up a year or two ago. After doing some digging it appears as though my original flow file ("flows_nodered.json")is still in tact but the program is reading "flows_nodered_cred.json". I have no idea what credentials are being used. What do I need to get back to my original configuration? How do I figure out what changed?

Read the recent thread on here about Node Red being hacked - do you have your Node Red exposed to the internet with port forwarding on your firewall/router ?


I don't but I'll take the appropriate precautions

Exactly when is it asking for credentials? What do you see on screen, for example?

What hardware and OS are you running on?

Stop node red and start it again in a terminal, if you know how to do that, and post the startup log here. If you don't know how to start it in a terminal then how did you install it?

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