Credentials file not found

I copied a flows.json from one node to another node (new installation), there are no credentials used in the flow, NR starts up:

9 Nov 16:31:12 - [warn] Encrypted credentials not found

$ touch flows_cred.json
9 Nov 16:31:12 - [warn] Existing credentials file is empty
9 Nov 16:31:12 - [warn] Encrypted credentials not found

How do i get rid of these warnings ?

The reason we warn if the file is missing, or empty is because we don't know if that's what the user intended or not - and could be a sign that something is wrong and the flows won't work because credentials are missing.

If you really want to get rid of the warnings, then you'll need a valid credentials file - even if the credentials in it are empty.

No-one has asked for a way to do this before, so the method is a bit convoluted.

  1. add an HTTP Request node, tick the authentication box and enter username/password. Deploy. That will generate a valid creds file.
  2. delete the request node and hit deploy - that will update the creds file with nothing in it - but an encrypted nothing in it.

At that point, you'll have an empty creds file for that instance of Node-RED, which has been properly encrypted for that instance.

As I said, quite convoluted, but this simply isn't a scenario anyone has asked us to do anything different with.

I should have just imported the flow. But your solution works, thanks!

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