Configure Modbus flex server from ui dashboard

I had done ui dashboard to configure modbus client node via
flex connector. But to configure modbus flex server, i no ideal how to do it, I can't find any similar subject on forum. Did anyone have done it?
Thank you.

Configuration of nodes in your flows is done in the editor, not in the UI. Any changes to the flows must be deployed in order to pick up the new values, which is why there are not examples of trying to do this.

The only way this could work is to use the /admin/flows api to push changes to the runtime server.

@shrickus Thanks for your reply.

O!.... i thought method to configure flex server from ui, it is not much varies from modbus client node which i had did.
I will give a try on your advise method.
My objective is to change that flex server port number, no others.

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