Confused wiring with import/copy and subflow

Is there a known issue in 3.0.2 with the internal wiring getting mixed up when importing a flow and copying nodes into a subflow?
I believe that what I did was import a flow, create a new subflow, and copy a function node from the imported flow into the new subflow. The result is that when I feed a message into the subflow and hence into the function node, that I get a message out of the imported function node. I am not sure whether I also get one out of the node in the subflow. If this is not a known issue then I will investigate further.
This is the second time I have seen something like this recently.

Not something I have seen or something I am aware of in the issues Colin?

Would be very grateful if you could investigate further and provide a reproducible set of steps or flow that demonstrates what you're seeing.


When I look at the problem again this morning (having left the flows malfunctioning last night) it is all working as it should. So it appears that a reboot has sorted it.

I will try and make it happen again.

Well I can't replicate it. When it happens again I will attempt not to destroy the evidence.

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